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Surveyor Jamie Morrison holds an IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying, UK) Diploma in Marine Surveying, specialising in yachts and small craft.

Jamie started yacht racing internationally 32 years ago, and has worked in the marine industry ever since. As a young but dedicated racer, he was employed to repair, maintain and optimise all aspects of the offshore yacht, introducing him to a wide spectrum of systems, materials and boatbuilding methods.

Jamie’s technical bent and his passion for boating naturally led him to a career as a shipwright. To begin with he operated on Sydney's Middle Harbour, but subsequently worked in boatyards around the world.  Travelling by water presented many opportunities: in addition to his traditional shipwright work, Jamie was employed as a boatbuilder, rigger, marine electrician, diesel fitter, and maritime museum restorer.  Together with numerous deliveries and commercial charter work under power and sail, this background gave Jamie a broad technical knowledge invaluable for marine surveying.

In 1990 Jamie was asked to survey and value a custom-built Benford cutter as an expert witness for a Brisbane court. He has been surveying boats ever since.  In addition to yacht and small craft inspections, he provides a consultancy service for marine insurance companies.













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